The Players

Damocleses (Atlantean Undead Slayer)
Physically, True Atlanteans might be considered supermen. It appears that their one-time human physiology has adapted and mutated to accommodate their constant use of ley line energy, magic, and dimensional travel. They are physically stronger and larger, tend to be more intelligent, possess far greater resistance to disease, live longer, and are adept in the ways of magic. They have grown accustomed to supernatural, the horrific and bizarre, so they are not prone to culture shock or emotional and psychological disorders, making them well suited for their chosen role as protectors of the Megaverse. Most of these strong willed people exude an air of superiority, strength, confidence, incredible conviction, and bullish determination. True Atlanteans tend to be incredibly noble, courageous, generous, sincere, honourable, trustworthy, and dedicated to life, love, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. All True Atlanteans will bear the Marks of Heritage, a tattoo of a heart impaled by a wooden stake (no blood) on the right wrist and a flaming sword on the left wrist.

The True Atlanteans have created an elite force of warriors dedicated to the eradication of supernatural evil. Like knights-errant, they travel from dimension to dimension, world to world, protecting innocent life forms, destroying monsters, and freeing those enslaved by vampires and their ilk. Their archenemies are vampires, vampire intelligences and the minions of Splugorth. These warriors are known as Undead Slayers and they are empowered by tattoo magic.

Master Blaster (Dragon Juicer a.k.a Blood Drinker)
It seems that dragon’s blood can cause a lethal allergic reaction on some humans when imbibed or injected. Several years of research later, a Techno Wizard presented his discoveries to a group of magicians and technocrats at Kingsdale. His experiments showed that when properly laced with some of the chemicals used on Juicers, dragon blood could grant humans supernatural powers. The amazing powers of the Dragon Juicers had a high price, however. First of all, the “mundane” chemicals produced many of the same side effects that affect standard Juicers, including a low life expectancy. More importantly, the transformed people became terminally addicted to the blood of dragons. While blood dosage necessary to maintain the powers is relatively small, going without it for even as little as a week can be deadly! And there was always the simple fact that most dragons will not part with their blood willingly. Despite the serious shortcomings, a limited number of Dragon Juicers were created. One of the sorcerers involved was a dragon herself, and she volunteered to donate some blood for the creation process. Highly individualistic and driven, she saw no moral dilemma in the creation of beings who might eventually need to hunt down and kill others of her kind. The first full Dragon Juicers, all volunteers, were created in 89 P.A. By 101 P.A., members of the Federation of Magic were creating Dragon Juicers. There are rumours of an ancient dragon that has created a small army of bodyguards he “feeds” with his own blood! And one can only wonder what the Federation of Magic plans on doing with this knowledge..

Donald Wetnose (Dog Boy – Private 1st Class)
The Coalition’s obsession with maintaining the purity of the “true” human race is both the motivation for the creation and enslavement of mutant animals, as well as the one thing that curbs them from even greater exploitation of genetically engineered creations. This purist mentality also means that the genetic manipulation of human beings is strictly forbidden. Animals, on the other hand, are created for use as laborers, soldiers, and special operatives throughout the wilderness. They are usually dispatched to areas where the threat to human life is greatest. The thought being, why endanger human life when an “animal” can pave the way? The most famous of the Coalition’s mutant animal creations is the nefarious Dog Pack. Coalition Dog Packs are a formal part of the CS Armed Forces and receive the same basic training as the Coalition grunt. However, the dog pack also receives special training in honing their tracking abilities and psychic powers. The purpose of the mutants is to be a special forces operative and watchdog against assaults by psychics, magic, and the supernatural. A pack of four or more mutant dogs is always led by a psi-stalker. The team patrols CS cities, military bases, and entrances ever vigilant for the distinctive presence of the paranormal.

Kamisori Ikwos (Mystic Antiquarian)
A mystic is more of an intuitive fellow who senses aspects and happenings on the physical and metaphysical levels of life. They are often acclaimed advisors and prophets who can glimpse the future. The intuitive nature of the mystic’s power means that they simply accept suddenly knowing something and have learned to trust their feelings. This also means that most mystics disregard formal education in favour of following their cosmic path. Most believe that too much education creates walls that block one from the natural psychic emanations and deadens one to the true world around them. They also believe that too much reliance on technology will have the same effect. Consequently, a mystic will avoid cybernetic, bionic, and all other forms of human augmentation, but will use tools, energy weapons, and body armour. With this attitude, it is little wonder that many mystics are renowned philosophers and love philosophical and metaphysical debates. An individual can be taught by a mystic in the ways of mysticism, usually philosophy, meditation, and in opening one’s mind and body to the world, but most mystics will tell you that one does not learn to become a mystic, but is born with the “gift.”. Their powers are a combination of psychic and magic.

Angelo ‘Dirty’ Sanchez (Power Armour Commando)
A specialist in the use of combat power armour, explosives and heavy weapons. He is a skilled operator of all man-sized power armour, as well having familiarity with most robot vehicles. In most cases, the job of the power armour commando is to get in, do the job and get out. Typical commando assignments include seek and destroy, sabotage, anti-armour assaults, enemy penetration, and rescue missions, most of which take place behind enemy lines.

Blackbird (Ley Line Walker)
More of a traditional spell casting wizard who is especially attuned to ley line energy. The mage is so attuned to ley lines that he can see magic energy emanating from even weak ley lines normally invisible to the human eye. Likewise, he can see invisible magic energy (P.P.E.) radiating from living beings, enchanted/magic objects, techno-wizard devices, and supernatural creatures. This is not a see aura, but an ability to actually see mystic energy waves. Furthermore, the Line Walker can feel the presence of ley lines, pinpoint nexus areas, and tell when a rift has opened nearby. The inquisitive nature of the line walker means that the character is usually open to new ideas, people, and philosophies. They are often literate, may study areas of science and have no aversion to using high-tech weapons, vehicles, and equipment. Lightweight weapons and armour are generally preferred because they are less cumbersome.

The Players

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