Dreams Portents and Omens

Slant eyed yellow man tills a field, trains in arms and leads men to their ending. Two swords, turned over and over in the furnace are brothers in arms. The vagabond killed with simple ceremony, a smile on his lips at the release, his head rolls to the floor. The ship travels fierce seas and great storms before land fall near the teeming jungle. A noble and muscular man stands a top a flat stone pyramid. Attired in gold and fine cloth there is parley with yellow men. Ambush, betrayal and death as the tribesmen swarm like ants. Yet the brothers fulfill their destiny, the valley is a sea of crimson that day. They are still now, the storms, rain and cutting winds silenced within the dusty vault.

Master Blaster
A bright light like a thousand suns which dazzles and then fades to black. There is a high tower made of carved stones perfectly fitted. Strangely noble but not of this world he looks out to the horizon, gaze lingering over pyramid and burial plots. The sun casts it shadow and shows the shape of a great serpent. The contest is fierce yet another dragon is slain, standing a top its corpse he drinks deep of the hearts blood. Steeped in gore and fierce in this victory his temple gateway adorned with the black rose. A fallen servant he watches ever vigilant for those that would threaten the gods.

Private 1st Class Donald Wetnose
Something reaches out in the pitch-black darkness, a powerful consciousness that gropes and gibbers before latching on with a vice like grip. Fear and loathing as it ransacks what remains of your sanity. Dread, what must not be named shambles from the gloom, clothed in a sickly light it is an abomination. Dried out corpse, skin clings to bones; eyes are sunken with a face made only of skulls and long wrinkled skin. Long hair, straggled and ears pierced with gold plugs. Dark nobility adorned with a crown of gold, regal poncho and scepter of office. Its gaze falls upon you, cold and merciless

Kamisori Ikwos
A young man sits hunched over an ancient leather bound tomb; strange pulsing light reveals all manner of magical paraphernalia. A crimson stone set in a thick golden chain, uttering a strange guttural incantation. Huge subterranean cavern with smooth floor made up of perfectly carved and positioned stone blocks, each well over the size of a man. There are intricate carvings inlaid with powerful wards and symbols of an arcane and ancient form. His chants rise to fever pitch, head thrashing this way and that. His companions look on in fear, a terrible wail as blood sprays from his sockets and burns like acid into the stone floor. The symbols flare and twist in palace as if subjected to a heinous torture. It is his last breath, a pale husk now with a sickly ripe gemstone for a heart. A thick cloud of tomb dust fills the chamber as does an inhuman moan."

Angelo ‘Dirty’ Sanchez
Rough and dusty pass cuts through the arid mountains. The great machine strides purposefully alongside its archaic brothers, off to meet their makers. Below are countless figures, the lumbering inhuman brutes are aberrations of flesh and metal with but one purpose. Sun falls from the sky like the blade of a guillotine, suddenly it is night. In the distance a vast sea of filth surrounds the ancient stone pyramid. All manner of men frozen in terror, they are like lambs to the slaughter watching the vampiric horde spew forth. A great grey black demon descends, wreathed in fire and lightning, he calls out to his winged brothers of the night.

Twilight becomes night over an idyllic scene. Women and children play outside of a village of wooden huts built on a lush and fertile plateau. The men folk look on and smile, content to provide and protect their loved ones. Three volcanoes watch over the village, surrounded by lush forest and a great river. An elder, wisened and frail, bursts from the lodge his face a mask of terror. Seconds later the village is overrun by snarling bloodstained corpses that move at almost super-human speed. The children and women are dragged away screaming and kicking while the others brutally hacked to death with machetes and other murderous blades.

Dreams Portents and Omens

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